An integrated solution for a historic building

Famed Winchester Cathedral is getting on in years: the church windows and the masonry have to be cleaned and preserved, and the leaky roof of the choir needs repair.

All that requires safer high-level access – and a temporary roof. The latter is intended to protect both the building and its visitors from the weather while work on the roof is in progress, and to avoid interruptions to site work. “More possibilities” are created here by the integrated scaffolding system from Layher: with Allround Scaffolding, it is possible not only to adapt a combination of work scaffolding and support scaffolding for the weather protection roof precisely to the structured facade, but also to integrate a platform stair affording access to the site. The Keder Roof XL was just as effective as a way to cover the steep church roof, with a slope of 60°: preassembled like a barrel on the ground, its high fitting accuracy meant it could be quickly set down by crane on the Allround support scaffolding – in just one day.

The Layher Keder Roof Xl – The benefits to you:

  • Roof widths up to 40 m
  • High snow loads (up to about 1.0 kN/m²) with medium spans.
  • Faster and easier insertion of the keder tarpaulins.
  • Integrated with all Layher scaffolding systems.
  • Material and load bearing-capacity tables are available to ease the planning.
  • Double-pitch, mono-pitch and polygonal barrel roofs are possible.