Cassette roof for protection from the weather during roof repair

A historic farmhouse in southern Germany is currently undergoing complete renovation. To provide reliable protection of the building from adverse weather during the roof work, and to avoid downtimes, the construction site has a temporary roof. The right solution for the company, Dittus Gerüstbau GmbH, was the Layher cassette roof. Thanks to its sturdy construction using hot-dip-galvanized steel, it is ideal for long service life and also economical to use. The roof trusses are simply pre-assembled on the ground and moved by crane. The temporary solutions can also be combined with Layher scaffolding systems to create an integrated system. In this project, Allround Scaffolding is used as the substructure.

Layher Cassette Roof – your benefits at a glance
Site protection
The even better generation of the proven Allround Scaffolding.
Sturdy construction
Very sturdy components made of galvanised steel ensure long-term durability, meaning long life and a long period of use – ideal for frequent assembly and dismantling and when the scaffolding stands for a long time.
Economical and safe
Rapid pre-assembly of the roof trusses on the ground and movement by crane are possible. Roof cassettes can be taken out at any point for passing material into the building, while light cassettes ensure daylight conditions. Temporary roofs can also be walked over.
Integrated system
Can be combined with SpeedyScaf and Allround Scaffolding. Detailed technical documentation makes planning easier.