Economical Allround Shoring TG 60 when building a new silo

The two-storey building is being built as a skeleton structure. For concreting the topmost level and the binding beams of the intermediate level, shoring is needed, including platforms for fall protection and a walkway. The most efficient solution for the construction company is Allround Shoring TG 60, type-tested in accordance with DIN EN 12812. The bay length of the shoring towers can be extended to ensure an exact match to the building geometry and the loads. In the integrated Layher scaffolding system, matching expansion parts such as Allround brackets are also available besides system decks. The required platforms – at the edge of the formwork with side protection – can be provided economically using standard parts.

Allround Shoring TG 60 – your benefits at a glance


  • Fast
    • Easy and rapid assembly thanks to lightweight and symmetrical frames with proven Allround connection technologyLayher Site Seeing 68_1
  • Flexible
    • Compatibility with Allround equipment permits adaptation to every situation.
  • Safer
    • Safer upright assembly thanks to integrated advancing side protection. 
  • Economical
    • With a more than 30% time saving in comparison with structures made from individual parts, economic success comes quickly.