Faster and safer site access during building of a new silo

Construction of the world’s biggest silo for storing of potato starch required a 50 metre-high stairtower for site

access. Improved safety and efficiency during assembly and use enable the construction company to design

the Allround Modular Stairtower with an alternating stair arrangement. Using the 2.21 metre-long Allround

standard not only allows this tower to be preassembled in part-modules on the ground and positioned by

crane, but also offers optimum headroom every time – in both the alternating and the unidirectional variants.

A safer footing is achieved with the Layher comfort stair: the larger tread area of the steps, at 175 mm,

ensures easier and safer ascent – even when carrying work materials. The reinforced stringer section

reduces the amount of sag and so increases user-friendliness.


The Allround Modular Stairtower – your benefits at a glance

Safer and easier preassembly of complete stairway modules on the ground, without personal safety apparatus for fall protection and without advance guardrail. Safer positioning of the modules by crane. 20 cm more headroom in an unidirectional stairtower.  Same step height – at the transition too. Exit is possible at the side or at the end . The verified type approval covers assembly heights of up to about 115 metres.  Crane movement of complete stairtowers up to about 20 metres using hinged pins.