Integrated system for unfinished building: facade scaffolding and Shoring TG 60

A new customs facility is being built in the Swiss canton Valais. For concreting the floors of the three-storey building, the construction company also needed a shoring structure. In view of the product benefits and the field service provided for first users, the Swiss company AS Gerüste AG chose for the first time the shoring frame TG 60 integrated into the Allround Scaffolding. Combination with the scaffolding company’s existing Allround material stocks made its use even more economical. Thanks to the variable bay lengths as a result of different standard lengths, it was possible to extend the square-shaped basic configuration of the Allround shoring towers TG 60 to 1.57 or 2.57 m to match the surface loads – the result being a more efficient use of the standards inside the tower. This meant that fewer shoring towers were needed, and that saved on material and assembly time. At the top edge of the formwork, the scaffolding erectors used Allround brackets and Layher standard decks to quickly construct fall prevention features – without the otherwise necessary provision of a further row of towers. Following that, facade scaffolding was also required to put up the walls. Using SpeedyScaf, the erectors were not only able to build the circular scaffolding necessitated by the building shape without any problems, but also, thanks to the Layher plug-in console bracket, to quickly modify the scaffolding to keep pace with building progress while aluminium cladding was being attached to the building – to maintain the required wall clearance.

Allround Shoring TG 60 – your benefits at a glance

. Fast.

Easy and rapid assembly thanks to lightweight and symmetrical frames with proven Allround connection technology.

. Flexible.

Compatibility with Allround equipment permits adaptation to every situation.

. Safer.

Safer upright assembly thanks to integrated advancing side protection.

. Economical.

With a more than 30% time saving in comparison with structures made from individual parts, economic success comes quickly.