Layher “supports” site efficiency

When the available space is limited, projecting buildings are a good way to create more surface area at great heights.

During construction of a new production building, an industrial company therefore decided to construct an annex at a “dizzy height”. Concreting work on this projecting part, at about 28 metres up, is however only possible with a strong support. An economical, flexible and safe solution to the problem was devised by the company F. Spies GmbH & Co. KG using Allround Shoring TG 60. This system, integrated into Allround Scaffolding, can safely disperse the surface loads and line loads of up to around 28 kN/m, while enabling flexible adaptation if needed thanks to its combinability with Allround Scaffolding. Allround standards ensure problem-free height adjustment of the scaffolding assembly surface, and Allround brackets and steel decks permit simple and time-saving assembly of safe working levels at the edge and below the formwork by the erectors. No additional tower structures are needed.

Layher Allround Shoring TG 60 – The benefits to you:

  • Fast – Easy and rapid assembly thanks to lightweight and symmetrical frames with proven Allround connection technology.
  • Flexible – Perfect compatibility with Allround equipment permits adaptation to every situation.
  • Safer -
 Safer upright assembly thanks to integrated advancing side protection.
  • Economical – 
With a more than 30 % time saving in comparison with structures made from individual parts, economic success comes quickly.