Material-saving and effective: mobile enclosure

In California, the most populous state in the U.S., the water supply has always been an important issue. For the East Bay region near San Francisco, with some 1.4 million residents, the 153-km-long Mokelumne Aqueduct is a key source of water, and to ensure a reliable supply the aqueduct must have regular maintenance. But the sandblasting, welding and painting necessary in each segment can only be carried out in a weatherproof and dustproof enclosure. Here the comprehensive Layher product range offered an efficient solution. Two mobile structures consisting of the Protect system and a cassette roof gave scaffolding erectors a quick and reliable way to handle technical requirements such as absorption of wind loads. Moreover, there was no need to dismantle and reassemble the structure for each new section. The assembly time per “wagon” was only one week, allowing fast-paced progress.

The advantages:

  • Assembly of two temporary enclosures, each about 26 m in length – one for sandblasting and one for welding and painting..
  • Site protection: The cassette roof and Protect system, consisting of steel cassettes and light cassettes, provides an enclosure that is weatherproof, dustproof and capable of maintaining negative pressure, allowing corrosion prevention work with blasting material under daylight conditions.
  • A sub-structure made of Allround equipment permits optimum adaptation in width and height thanks to its comprehensive range of parts: An inner bracket reduces the gap between the scaffolding and the pipeline, providing a high degree of safety.
  • Ideal for working section by section: A mobile structure with castors on a 100-m-long track made of head jacks and steel sections saves on materials and assembly time.

Layher Protect System – The benefits to you:

  • Fast – Thanks to its logical assembly sequence, fitting is easy, fast and guaranteed safe. The wall cassettes are fitted from the scaffolding, with several cassettes sharing one holder.
  • Innovative – With a few expansion parts, for example light elements or door elements, areas such as stairway towers or site accesses can be sealed off innovatively and safely in top quality.
  • Versatile – 
The applications for the Layher Protect System are as numerous as the day-to-day challenges faced in scaffolding construction. This means that investment in this system pays off much faster than expected.
  • Sealed – Unlike conventional tarpaulins, the Layher Protect System allows you to create effectively sealed construction sites. This considerably reduces the noise and dust nuisance – an advantage that will give you access to new projects.