Rapid scaffolding assembly to minimize downtimes

Refineries are subject to technical inspections by experts at regular intervals. To do so, operation of parts of or even the entire facility has to be halted for several weeks for routine inspections and repair work. Allround Scaffolding, ensuring safer high-level access to the many systems, can markedly shorten these downtimes thanks to its efficient assembly. Shutdown of a hydrocracker – a system for crude oil processing – requires several hundred work/protective scaffolding structures, each up to 60 metres high. The contractor on site was able, together with Layher, to handle every job successfully with on-schedule assembly plus a high degree of working safety – to the full satisfaction of the facility operator.

The advantages:

  • Assembly should be about 80 % done before a complete shutdown, without any disruption to current operation. The material-saving assembly of the Allround system permits lean individual structures which, thanks to the varying standard lengths of the comprehensive range of parts, can be exactly adapted to all geometries, openings and piping inside the facility.
  • To rule out any damage to the facility, the scaffolding is built free-standing, and reinforced in the bottom area by connecting it to Allround standards that absorb the high compression and tension forces. Different parts of the facility are bridged using lattice beams.
  • During the shutdown, the lightweight individual parts, the high fitting precision and the bolt-free wedge head connectors of Allround Scaffolding permit unbeatably fast assembly for keeping to a tight schedule – even in the event of unplanned structures needed to perform unexpected repairs..
  • Gap covers and gap ledgers ensure that users can work without risk of tripping up
  • A storage manager is responsible for economical logistics, making several thousand tons of locally stored scaffolding material available just-in-time and later returning it to safe storage. Upward transport is speeded up by a lift for both personnel and materials.

Layher Allround Scaffolding Lightweight– The benefits to you:

  • Fast – The lighter components increase the speed of assembly and transport – that saves real cash.
  • Safer – 
Greater working safety thanks to secure ledger assembly with the ingenious AutoLock function.
  • Strong – Extremely high load-bearing capacity despite its lower weight.
  • Ergonomical – Optimization of working conditions thanks to more headroom and minimization of physical strain.