Shoring and site access, all in one

Safe dispersion of loads, material-saving and rapid assembly, exact matching to the hexagonal building geometry, plus integration of a site access – the assembly of shoring to permit subsequent insertion of floors during the construction of a multi-chamber silo with honeycomb-type chambers presented the construction company of Max Bögl with a challenge. Their solution: Allround Shoring TG 60 from Layher. Quick to assemble and dismantle, the modular system ensures high flexibility in shoring construction.

The advantages:

  • Load transmission of up to six tons per standard.
  • Quick assembly thanks to the reduced number of parts when compared with individual parts, low component weight of max. 18 kilograms, and bolt-free wedge-head connections.
  • Full flexibility afforded by variable bay lengths in shoring towers, for optimum use of material and compatibility with the Allround construction kit.
  • Problem-free integration of an alternating Allround platform stairway tower into the shoring structure.
  • Safe upright assembly of the up to 14 metre high shoring structures – the assembly sequence automatically provides all-round side protection even without additional components.

Layher Allround Shoring TG 60 – The benefits to you:

  • Fast – Easy and rapid assembly thanks to lightweight and symmetrical frames with proven Allround connection technology.
  • Flexible – Perfect compatibility with Allround equipment permits adaptation to every situation.
  • Safer – Safer upright assembly thanks to integrated advancing side protection.
  • Economical – With a more than 30 % time saving in comparison with structures made from individual parts, economic success comes quickly.