Speedily assembled – flexibly adapted

In Leinfelden-Echterdingen, 276 residential apartments are currently being built – as the “Garden City at Ziegelhain”. Moving in is already scheduled for late 2015: that’s a tight schedule, particularly for the building of five blocks to house multiple families.

Their building shells have to be completed within four months, so the scaffolding erectors of the company W. Arnold Stuckateur GmbH have to assemble, alter and dismantle the work and protective scaffolding within very short times to keep pace with progress on the building shell. The solution is SpeedyScaf in its aluminium version. The lightweight basic components ensure fast and fatigue-free assembly and dismantling of the 8,000 m² scaffolding structures, and a few expansion parts also enable flexible adaptation to the changing geometry and work situation: lattice beams for strengthening the scaffolding above projecting building parts, brackets for material-saving enclosure of building projections – and plug-in brackets for rapid alterations to keep pace with building progress when using external thermal insulation compound systems.

Layher SpeedyScaf – The benefits to you:

  • Unbeatably quick and easy – Speedy assembly thanks to simple insertion technology, lightweight assembly frame and ergonomic handling. Assembled from six basic elements in a few easy operations
  • Safe from the word go – 
Uncompromising safety during assembly too. Firmly wedged components, positively and non-positively connected, ensure maximum stability while work is in progress.
  • Extremely flexible – 
The comprehensive range of parts is suitable for every trade. Combinable with other Layher systems and products.
  • Extremely economical – 
Simplicity and fitting precision mean a saving in time and enormous cost savings too. Exemplary and long service life plus availability for purchase for decades to come.