13/08/2016 / Soluções

Economical Allround Shoring TG 60 when building a new silo

The Karl Köhler construction company from Heidenau, Germany, is currently building a new silo for a large chemicals company. The two-storey building is being built as a skeleton structure.
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19/07/2016 / Soluções

Faster and safer site access during building of a new silo

Construction of the world's biggest silo for storing of potato starch required a 50 metre-high stair tower for site access.
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10/06/2016 / Soluções

Vertical access plus protection from the weather during church repairs

The roof and the southern facade of the “Le Prieuré Saint-Pierre” church in France are being extensively renovated. For the required vertical access, the scaffolding erectors are using flexible Allround Scaffolding in view of the structured facade.
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17/05/2016 / Soluções

Integrated system for unfinished building: facade scaffolding and Shoring TG 60

A new customs facility is being built in the Swiss canton Valais. For concreting the floors of the three-storey building, the construction company also needed a shoring structure.
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04/04/2016 / Soluções

Cassette roof for protection from the weather during roof repair

A historic farmhouse in southern Germany is currently undergoing complete renovation. To provide reliable protection of the building from adverse weather during the roof work, and to avoid downtimes, the construction site has a temporary roof.
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07/03/2016 / Soluções

Scaffolding as a torchbearer

The “Blue Night” takes place every year in Nuremberg – a night for art and culture, with more than 300 things to see. One of its highlights is the art competition, which this year has as its motto “Freedom”.
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14/01/2016 / Soluções

Shoring and site access, all in one

Safe dispersion of loads, material-saving and rapid assembly, exact matching to the hexagonal building geometry, plus integration of a site...
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14/01/2016 / Inovações

Material-saving and effective: mobile enclosure

In California, the most populous state in the U.S., the water supply has always been an important issue. For the...
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14/01/2016 / Soluções

Rapid scaffolding assembly to minimize downtimes

Refineries are subject to technical inspections by experts at regular intervals. To do so, operation of parts of or even...
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14/01/2016 / Eventos

Layher Event Systems setting the stage for the Matterhorn

150 years ago, the Englishman Edward Whymper was the first person to reach the summit of the 4,478 metre-high Matterhorn....
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